In the ever-changing world of marketing, it’s hard to find a single source of knowledge in a variety of areas. You may find SEO experts, ecommerce gurus, or agencies of online advertising rock stars. At MSC, we’re all of that under one umbrella – experienced marketers with years of expertise in every area of marketing. And- we’re on your side! Yes, we have experience in areas such as branding, social media and content marketing, PPC and landing page optimization, ecommerce, retargeting, sales nurturing, and other tactics. Our passion is for the strategies that drive those – the why!

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Our Coaches

Branden O'Neil
Branden O'NeilFounder and CEO
Branden is the founder of MarketingStrategyCoaches.com, and when you meet him you’ll know why. It’s not just 12 years of marketing experience ranging from Fortune 100 to small business. Or his expertise in social media, mobile marketing, the online and offline sales funnel, media strategy, and marketing innovation. Branden loves the challenges and processes of marketing almost as much as he loves being an entrepreneur. This guy understands clients, and he’s your biggest fan with a gift for solving business problems with innovative marketing solutions. And that’s not just a tag line.
Ben Finch
Ben FinchOwner of Clarity Builders and Certified StoryBrand Guide
We see incredible results from StoryBrand marketing messaging and strategies. Ben is our very own StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter. Ben brings us an entrepreneurial wealth of experience from founding a successful warranty services company to his time as a partner and COO/CMO of an industrial metal recycling service center. Ben also spent several years with the Boeing Co., providing customer support with 747 airworthiness directives. Ben’s tireless passion and love for small business have earned him the title of “The Project Pit Bull.” Once he sinks his teeth into a project, he does not let go and gives his best till the project’s complete!
Kevin Jennings
Kevin JenningsMarketing and Brand Strategist
Kevin Jennings is a marketing and brand strategist who enjoys helping organizations convert passion and purpose into profits. Over the years, Kevin has worked with Dave Ramsey, Oprah (via William Morris Endeavor), Tony Robbins, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Rumblefish (the first online music licensing store), and Emma (an email marketing service). He considers himself a dreamer who gets stuff done, and he loves the energy it takes to get a project off the ground and into the air. In addition to supporting some of the nation’s top brands, Kevin still actively coaches entrepreneurs because he loves helping people pursue their dreams and reach their potential.
Chase Ezell
Chase EzellPartner and VP of Marketing
Chase Ezell is our most senior-level online marketing professional (he has the greyest hair, what little he has) with a passion for online lead generation and capture, nurturing, and conversion strategies and optimization. Chase has a passion for “shepharding” customers into your brand, and reaping the revenue rewards. Chase also has extensive experience with content marketing and messaging, web design and user experience, and email/landing page optimization. Chase is a super high “S” on the DISC profile: loyal, patient, and steady as a rock. We just wind him up and watch him go.
Jessen Schulman
Jessen SchulmanDirector of Marketing
Jessen’s pretty much a rock star on our team. Bringing over 8 years of marketing expertise, her work experience ranges from “mom n’ pop” shops to publicly held medical corporations. With a foundation in public relations, she emphasizes the importance of a positive public image, while also bringing new and exciting marketing strategies to the table. She has a ton of experience in social media, content marketing, and online advertising. Jessen loves the process of identifying core messages, solidifying brand image, and making it all work in harmony. While her boat is not easily rocked, she can help calm the waters, enabling you to effectively communicate your value to the market.
John Carswell
John CarswellDir. of User Experience
Whether it’s in the world of digital marketing analytics, the mythical creations of JRR Tolkien, or his past experience with nuclear submarines, John has a passion for unpacking what lies beneath, asking insightful questions, and solving the tough problems. A well-trained and thoroughly seasoned web analytics geek, he has helped large companies create serious value by using cold, hard facts to envision incredible new possibilities. He is a both-sides-of-the-brain marketer with a knack for getting business and technology working on the same page and leading individuals to a deeper understanding of their business.

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