The BrandMap Strategies

Your Chief Marketing Officer develops a comprehensive 12-Month Marketing

Strategy that acts as a roadmap for your new marketing organization and

subsequent Quarterly Strategies to drive execution within budget.

Cadence and Methodology

The proprietary BrandMap Enterprise™ strategy-driven methodology that has

helped hundreds of SMBs achieve their marketing and business goals.

Timing is everything:

  • Quarterly Strategies help define budget and drive execution

  • The MM facilitates execution and works with Marketing Specialists to accomplish tasks successfully

  • Projects flow through the Task Approval Process (MM>CMO>CEO/Owner

  • Regular Communication and Reporting on Projects, Campaigns, Strategies, and Budget

Strategic Deliverables & Brand Positioning Exercises

Depending on your specific strategic needs, the CMO will guide your

 leadership team through strategic exercises such as:

  • Brand Standards

  • Key Differentiators

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Brand Language, Look, Tone, Feel

  • Core Messaging

  • Customer Experience, etc.

Project Execution & Tactics

CMO sets project direction in 3-month rolling marketing strategies and provides strategic leadership and tactical approval

Marketing Manager supports CMO efforts & executes / facilitates completion of all marketing projects

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