BrandMap Enterprise™ PROCESS 


The BrandMap Strategies

Your Chief Marketing Officer develops a comprehensive 12-Month Marketing

Strategy that acts as a roadmap for your new marketing organization and

subsequent Quarterly Strategies to drive execution within budget.

Cadence and Methodology

The proprietary BrandMap Enterprise™ strategy-driven methodology that has

helped hundreds of SMBs achieve their marketing and business goals.

Timing is everything:

  • Quarterly Strategies help define budget and drive execution

  • The MM facilitates execution and works with Marketing Specialists to accomplish tasks successfully

  • Projects flow through the Task Approval Process (MM>CMO>CEO/Owner

  • Regular Communication and Reporting on Projects, Campaigns, Strategies, and Budget

Strategic Deliverables & Brand Positioning Exercises

Depending on your specific strategic needs, the CMO will guide your

 leadership team through strategic exercises such as:

  • Brand Standards

  • Key Differentiators

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Brand Language, Look, Tone, Feel

  • Core Messaging

  • Customer Experience, etc.

Project Execution & Tactics

CMO sets project direction in 3-month rolling marketing strategies and provides strategic leadership and tactical approval

Marketing Manager supports CMO efforts & executes / facilitates completion of all marketing projects

Additions to your team. Depending on your needs, we will add to your team from our bench of skilled marketing professionals. The larger or more aggressive the company, the more there is to do; We can add the right people to the right positions to scale with your needs.

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